Some websites I like

I tried to put them in funky categeries that I am not sure even make sense. Some of these websites are not safe for work (NSFW) and have strong sexual content 😉

Cosmic African
African Cosmos Diary
Afro Punk
Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
Science in Africa: Africa’s First Online Science Magazine
South African Astronomical Observatory

Brittle Paper
Sistahs on the Shelf

Fashion & Food
1Q’s Food Platter
Dobby’s Signature
Dooney’s Kitchen
Guai Shu Shu
In My Sunday Best
Immaculate Bites
The Furious Pear Pie

Long Long Ago
Adire African Textiles
Africa Past & Present
OgbeniOja Oodua
Odinani: The Sacred Science of the Igbo People

My Queer Africans
Diriye Osman
Dyke Road
Ngochani: ShonaFemmeQueer
Queer Africans of the Diaspora
The Musings of a Congolese Lesbian
The Voice of Africa’s LGBTI Community

Osun’s Honey
Adventures From The Bedrooms of African Women
Blasian Bytch Blog
Sex, Love, Liberation

The RobotGiraffe Constellation
Aker: Futuristically Ancient
Beyond Victoriana
Crossed Genres
Expanded Horizons
Feminist SF- The Blog
indiGENEous: African Fantasy
Inter Nova: International Science Fiction

The Zebra Constellation
37th State
Africa is a Country
Another Africa
Atane’s tumblr
Ayo Sogunro’s blog
Dynamic Africa
Kate Bomz
Lectures, analyses et réfelxions de Raphael
More Than Rubies
That African Girl
Yoruba Girl Dancing

Fungus Grotto
Girl Genius
Minor Acts of Heroism
Oglaf (NSFW)
Quantum Vibe

I appreciate feedback but please keep to topic.

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