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This post includes links that are NSFW If you follow me on twitter and were online in the early hours of Christmas morning 2011 (GMT), you may have noticed @LeaBecca, @jolantru and I discussing nipples. In particular colonialism, body politics and how they affect nipple colour. You may want to read their write ups on […]

Recently I got into another conversation on how characters in Japanese comics look just like white people. I’ve had several conversations and arguments about this and I personally do not agree that all characters in manga look like Europeans because they have big eyes and hair that is not black. Today I remembered an episode […]

This post is slightly NSFW I am a huge fan of shoujo manga, that is comics aimed at young girls and teenagers yet a short while ago, I found myself getting bored with shoujo manga. I believe this was due to the fact that most if not all the heroines in shoujou manga are in […]

The original post turned out to be excessively long so I broke it down into three parts. I guess it is time for some another manga/anime related post. I have several things to say regarding the many manga I have read and anime that I have watched in the past 3 years (I have reason […]