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A more specific title would be ‘Nollywood for Child Rights, Women’s Rights and Against Human Trafficking’. For those of you who don’t know, I currently work with a non-governmental organisation and part of my job entails attending all sorts of meetings. Last week, I attended press conference at ActionAid on their new project, in collaboration […]

Osun is the Yoruba goddess of love, lust, fertility, fresh waters, women’s health, witches and wealth. Osun has been compared to and is sometimes thought of as the Yoruba representation or reincarnations of goddesses from other cultures such as Nekhbet, Sekhmet, the Chinese goddess Kuan Yin and Hindu goddess Laskhmi. Each year a large festival […]

Below are some images Sugabelly put up on FB a while ago that I’m reposting here with her graceful permission. While writing about Nigerian historical dramas, I thought the point I was trying to make there would go down better if everyone saw actual images of African women from the precolonial days. Not everyone (Africans […]

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of movies and series set in the fictional past. I’d rather watch historical dramas than those set in the modern times. I love all sorts of dramas set in different periods and I tend not to discriminate as I enjoy European historical movies alongside wuxia […]

I know I should not be taking Nigerian movies seriously. However last week I had the pleasure of watching a movie that I felt I should blog about. This movie is called White Hunters and when I first saw the DVD cover I was a bit confused about the film’s title but all confusion vanished […]

For about a week last month, I found myself watching several movies on Africa Magic* that left me feeling very disturbed. These movies were dramas with ‘romance’ in them…I’m not even sure if I should call it ‘romance’ but I guess that is the only way I can put these movies in a genre. The […]