About (2015 version)

I am just a weird Nigerian woman trying to navigate this world. I write, not as much as I would like to sha. I am a voracious reader with a penchant for ebooks and speculative fiction; a history geek (in particular West African herstories); multi-lingual (if I get serious I will be able to speak six languages fluently); a ‘global beats’ enthusiast; a feminist and an aspiring globe-trotter.

I am an ex-lover of Korean pop culture (few of my long term readers would have predicted this but it is a long story that I will reveal to the world one day inshallah). And to all the haters who may be rejoicing that my eyes have finally “opened”, I still listen to Korean indie and watch loads of Japanese dramas and movies (currently watching: Mondai no Aru Restaurant, current fave: Ikuta Toma). At the same time 2014 was the year that I grew obsessed with kizomba and zouk. People are allowed to have diverse tastes.

I have spent most of my life in Nigeria as someone with a reasonable amount of privilege that comes from a reasonably wealthy background. As can be expected the perspective I write from is Nigerian with considerable Western influences, still for the most part Nigerian. Keep this in mind while in my space. I also do not tolerate any form of homophobia, transphobia, this is and will always be a LGBTIQ friendly space.

I have been lucky to meet awesome people from this blog (and other parts of the interwebz). If you already know me on first name basis, I’d prefer you didn’t reveal my first name online.

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