Hey all!

One evening I was chatting with my friend, we were talking about websites and buying domains. Before that night was over I’d started the process of setting up my own website.

To cut the long story short, say hello to my website.

Yeah it’s a static countdown page for now, that’s because I’d like you to sign up to my newsletter. I’ve got big plans for my newsletter including giveaways, sneak peaks into how I do research for my blog posts and information on a super secret project I’ll be working on from next year (yes it involves Yoruba women and history).

I’ll be blogging from there in the future so this will be the last post. See you on the other side.

It’s >>>HERE<<< 

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    1. Hello Mumbi, thanks for bringing this to my attention I’m sorry for the incovenience. I’ll add you the list myself while I work on the issue

      ETA: It turns out you are already subscribed 😀 Thanks o

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