Signal Boost: Six and Fifty-Four!

Uche Obieri is a author who writes speculative fiction. Uche’s works are largely influenced by Nigeria in some way, mostly in names. Her short story Six and Fifty-Four is up for sale at the Amazon Kindle store for only £0.86.

Six and Fifty-Four is a “light yet satisfying sci-fi romance about Six, an android assassin forced to choose between work and something that could be love”.

I’ve been lucky enough to read Six and Fifty-Four and a few other works by Uche and I must say that I love her characters (and she writes kink so well! *sigh* Kink with Nigerian characters = awesome!)

Kindly support Uche by checking out her book, she is also offering to email free copies in any chosen format to those who want it.

If you’re interested in a free copy of Six and Fifty-Four, leave a comment below this post and I will let Uche know!

14 thoughts on “Signal Boost: Six and Fifty-Four!

  1. Hi eccentricyoruba,

    I am always looking for great African literature and this book sounds great especially if you are recommending it.

    If its possible, i would love a free copy of the book, either in hard copy or pdf format.

    Thanks alot,

  2. I mightbe late, but hopefully not too late. I’d be grateful if you could ask Uche to send me an epub version of her story! We need more African/Diasporan speculative fiction to nurture our minds beyond teh straightjacket of being required to ape te vey people who deprive us of the material and ideational resources to ever be their equals. I love stories that invite people to stop chasing by painting different vistas of past, presents, futures centered around ourselves…your writing is great, btw, I hope you ll be on Nigerians Talk morre regularly.

    1. I don’t think you’re late menelic! I’ve sent an email to Uche.

      You’re right, we do need more African/Diasporan speculative fiction and it is good to see more writers and artists coming out with amazing stuff.

      I have kept away from writing for a long time now and I’m slowly trying to ease myself into it again so I’ll be on Nigerians Talk more regularly in the future. Thank you.

  3. Hello Eccentric,

    Thanks for recommending Uche’s book and helping me get it. I read it recently and thought it fresh and interesting. The Sci-fi genre is not my number one choice but I would definitely read more from her.
    Thanks once again for bridging the gap.

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